The Call of the Abyss

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"Darkness and silence hang upon the abyss like a funeral cloth, but what truly terrifies me is that this place is not lifeless. It is asleep, and something stirs in the gloom..."

Stirring Abyss

Stirring Abyss is an upcoming PC game combining strategy and storytelling. Glimpse the chilling unknown as you explore an ancient mystery at the bottom of the ocean. You take charge of the surviving crew of a U.S. Navy submarine that sinks while on a top secret research mission during the early years of the Cold War. They find themselves surrounded by the ruins of a forgotten civilization, their vessel too badly damaged to escape the depths.

The eternal gloom of the ocean floor is bought to life by gripping storytelling reminiscent of classic RPGs. Stirring Abyss also challenges your strategic skill, as you face decisions with far-reaching consequences. Will you send your crewmen out alone, accepting the risks in return for greater rewards? Or will they face the darkness together, knowing that with no time to explore thoroughly the key to their salvation may be overlooked?

Stirring Abyss is built on the Rogue-like philosophy; each game is unique, with its own opportunities and challenges. Not only will you encounter different threats and objects of interest, but the skills and capabilities of your crew change from game to game.

Every choice you make matters in Stirring Abyss. The story lives and evolves with your decisions, and there are many paths to a successful escape. Whether you try to force your way through any obstacle, avoid and ignore the dangers of the deep, or embrace them with an open mind to try and solve the mysteries; Stirring Abyss will find a way to surprise and challenge you.

"She can feel the cold eyes of the unquiet dead on her. Each furtive step deeper into the baleful crypt floods her mind with the tortured screams of these cursed, purgatorial souls."