The Call of the Abyss

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"Darkness and silence hang upon the abyss like a funeral cloth, but what truly terrifies me is that this place is not lifeless. It is asleep, and something stirs in the gloom..."

Stirring Abyss

Stirring Abyss is an upcoming PC game combining squad tactics gameplay with a gripping deep ocean atmosphere. You take charge of the surviving crew of the USS Salem, a U.S. Navy submarine that sinks while on a top secret research mission during the early years of the Cold War. They find themselves surrounded by the ruins of a forgotten civilization, their vessel too badly damaged to escape the depths.

The hauntingly beautiful environment holds many secrets and mysteries to explore, but danger lurks just outside the feeble circles of light our heroes bring with them. Your strategic skills are challenged constantly: managing scant resources, keeping the crew breathing and sane, and leading them in combat against the twisted and mutated denizens of the abyss.

Stirring Abyss features two game modes, the Story Mode and the Endless Mode. In the Story Mode, you slowly unravel the mysteries of the depths in a desperate quest to rescue your missing crewmembers and fix the crippled Salem. The choices you make determine the fate of your crew - and the world.

The Endless Mode pits your crew in a roguelike battle against an army of neverending enemies that only grow stronger as you progress. It is the ultimate test of strategic ability, as you not only choose how to improve your own squad, but also pick your poison on what powers your foes gain.

Every expedition lives or dies by the strength of its crew. At your disposal is a diverse array of character traits and skills, each opening exciting new options both in combat and in story events. Salvaged resources can be turned into weapons, armor, or other useful supplies - or they can be used to repair and upgrade the Salem. As you delve ever deeper, you may also subject your crew to powerful but grisly mutations; the price of survival is high, and no one escapes the abyss unchanged.

"She can feel the cold eyes of the unquiet dead on her. Each furtive step deeper into the baleful crypt floods her mind with the tortured screams of these cursed, purgatorial souls."